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NBA 2K18 -  Check out who are the best shooting guard NBA 2K18 players

James Harden is the best NBA 2K18 shooting guard player. His OVR is 95. Harden began his basketball career in high school and was drafted in 2009 by Oklahoma City Thunder. He stayed with this team until 2012 when he went to play for the Houston Rockets. Nicknamed The Beard, Harden is already considered one of the best NBA 2K18 players. In the previous game, NBA 2K17, Harden has an 86 OVR amethyst card. 

Jimmy Butler from the Minnesota Timberwolves comes in second place with 90 OVR. Compared to his NBA 2K17 ratings, his OVR is a bit lower but Butler is still a great player. Butler is 27 years old and he began his NBA career in 2011 as part of the Chicago Bulls. He shares the second position in this top 10 with Klay Thompson. The 27 years old Golden State Warriors shooting guard also has 90 OVR. He is known as being one of the Splash Brothers. This is the nickname given to the Thompson/Curry duo. 

DeMar DeRozan is the first player in this top below 90 OVR. He has 89 OVR. This 28 years old player from Compton, California is playing for the Toronto Raptors. Besides being one of the best NBA 2K18 shooting guard players, DeRozan has another game related achievement. He is the cover athlete for the Canadian game version. Bradley Beal follows DeRozan with 87 OVR. His OVR is consistent compared to his rating in the previous installment. His NBA career began in 2012 when he was picked by the Washington Wizards, his current team. CJ McCollum from the Portland Trail Blazers comes next with 86 OVR. Very close to McCollum, we have Devin Booker with 85 OVR. Devin is a young NBA player. He is 20 years old and he began his NBA career in 2015 with the Phoenix Suns. These last three players, Beal, McCollum and Booker, are very close in terms of OVR. The last three places are filled by Detroit Pistons' Avery Bradley with 83 OVR, Dwayne Wade from the Chicago Bulls with 82 OVR, and Khris Middleton from the Milwaukee Bucks with 81 OVR. 

After all, i think James Harden is the best, what do you think? Do you play other video games besides NBA 2K18? If you play on xbox as we do, you will find more tips here about Xbox Live Card. Stay tuned please.